• Friday, January 20
  • Sioux Falls Convention Center


Marketing Technology Conference

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  • Friday, January 20
  • Sioux Falls Convention Center

Can’t wait for Trendigital Summit 2017?


Trendigital is an educational summit in Sioux Falls, SD. Business owners and marketing professionals come together to hear from some of the great marketing masterminds on everything digital.

Learn about the following at Trendigital 2017:

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Digital Marketing for Small Businesses
  • Using CRM's to Track Marketing
  • Digital Law for Businesses
  • How to Elevate Marketing at Your Organization
  • How Social Media Impacts Paid Search

Who should attend?

  • Business owners running their own website
  • Marketing professionals looking to attract customers online
  • CMOs and VPs trying to show ROI on marketing initiatives
  • Techies wanting to hear about something cool
  • Anyone wishing to nerd out about digital marketing for a day


Get prepared for a full day of breakout session and keynote speakers on the hottest digital topics.

  • Registration 7:30–8:30 a.m.

  • Opening Remarks 8:30–9:00 a.m.

  • Morning Keynote 9:00–10:00 a.m.

    Chris Prendergast
    ELEVATED: How Better Reporting Can Increase Your Budget, Get You Promoted, and Elevate Marketing within Your Organization

    In the era of big data, quantity is often mistaken for quality. "Data-driven marketing" is not just an empty phrase—the right numbers presented in the right way can prove the value of marketing and drive smarter decisions company-wide. Join Chris as he shares how better reporting through data storytelling can elevate marketing within your organization.

    Chris Prendergast VP of Operations, Click Rain

  • Breakout Sessions 10:00–12:00 p.m.

    • Breakout One 10:00–11:00 a.m.

      • Digital to Dollars: Converting Digital Marketing to Customers

        Mike covers five best practices for converting your digital marketing efforts to real customer sales and measuring the results using CRM software. A key component of converting leads to customers is ensuring they get consistent, timely communication that helps them make an informed purchase decision. Combining automation with one-on-one interaction is key to delivering a top-notch sales experience that matches your marketing message.

        Mike Vetter President and Chief Technology Officer, DataSync Corporation

      • Balancing Act: Advice From a Real-life Momtrepreneur

        Can women entrepreneurs have it all—a business, family, and dreams come true? You bet. Balancing work at home, raising multiple children, keeping a strong marriage, and contributing to professional passions takes juggling ability. Learn practical “How do you do it?” tips from a successful momtrepreneur for organizing your business, planning your days, deciding on goals, and hiring help. Warning: You will be inspired to start your own business after this session.

        Rebekah Scott Owner and Designer, Rebekah Scott Designs

    • Breakout Two 11:00–12:00 p.m.

      • Cyber Law and Your Business: Internet Law Essentials Your Business Needs to Know

        Can I fire an employee for what she says on social media? What should I know if my company is running an online sweepstakes? What happens if my competitor registers my domain name? Should my website have a privacy policy, and what should it include? Join business and cyber law attorney Ashley Blake as she addresses some of the most common internet issues that put businesses at risk.

        Ashley Blake Business and Cyber Law Attorney, Davenport Evans

      • VR, AR, & AI for the Real World: 3 Technologies Shaping the Next Evolution of Media

        Virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence are happening now. Companies like Facebook, Google, and IBM have championed these technologies, making them realities for consumers and marketers alike. Eric Ellefson, Vice President of Innovation and Partner at Click Rain, will discuss the evolution of media, share real-world examples impacting businesses today, and explore their impact on the future of your business.

        Eric Ellefson VP of Innovation, Click Rain

  • Lunch 12:00–1:00 p.m.

    Sponsored by ZEAL

    Entrepreneur Panel Q&A: Featuring Sioux Falls Start-up Business Owners
    Moderated by Paul Ten Haken

    Join us for lunch and hear from a panel of leading local entrepreneurs as they discuss the challenges and successes of business ownership. Gain invaluable advice and insight from several successful start-up business owners in the Sioux Falls region. Seize the chance to ask the burning questions you’ve always had about starting a business—from concepting a business idea to navigating the stages of organizational growth.

    Eric McDonald Founder and CEO, DocuTAP

    Sean Coffman CEO, Carsforsale.com

    Eric Yunag VP Strategic Initiatives, Convergint Technologies

  • Breakout Sessions 1:30–3:20 p.m.

    • Breakout One 1:30–2:20 p.m.

      • Influencer Marketing: Cashing In on Pop Culture

        Not getting through to Millennials? PPC ads not working? Over thirty percent of internet users will block ads this year. Sometimes you have to come at selling from an angle. Influencer marketing is popular, not only because younger generations tend to trust people over brands, but also because those who hold clout already have an established platform for sharing your ideas. Discover ways to tap major influencers in your industry and market (take that, ad blockers)!

        Sarah Kurtenbach Principal and Founder, The Kurtenbach Group

      • Be a Technology Company First. Why? Millennials.

        Millennials are more than a buzzword—they are currently the largest living generation in the US. On average, they check their phones more than 1,500 times per week and consume 75% of their content through a mobile device. But what does that mean for your business? It means that, right now, your company should be preparing to be a technology company first. Your team should be asking, “What are we doing to attract and retain Millennials as employees and consumers?”

        Jake Joraanstad Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Myriad Mobile

    • Breakout Two 2:30–3:20 p.m.

      • Embracing User Experience in the Marketing World

        As web professionals, marketers, or small business owners, we need to have a deeper understanding of our end-users and provide rich and engaging experiences that keep them coming back. This session will touch on what user experience (UX) is, how it’s related to marketing, and how you can use UX to boost brand perception and loyalty.

        Ashley Sorenson, PhD UX Strategist, Carsforsale.com

      • Creating Inbox Magic: Email Marketing Best Practices You Need to Know

        Social media is the cool kid on the block. But email is the real powerhouse of digital conversion. According to Pew Research, 92% of online adults use email, with 61% using it on a daily basis. In this session, Kate will share insights on how to make your email marketing campaigns shine in 2017. Be in the know on subject lines (emoji or no emoji?), deliverability, automation, design and content best practices, and list segmentation.

        Kate Kotzea Director of Marketing Technology, Click Rain

  • Afternoon Keynote 3:30–4:30 p.m.

    Paige Winter
    Breaking Down the Buzzword: Demystifying “Programmatic” Digital Marketing

    According to AdAge, like gluten, “programmatic” has become a buzzword that many people use but few really understand. They just know it’s important. Programmatic doesn’t need to be complex or confusing. At its core, it’s a basic marriage among technology, inventory, and data insights. Join Paige for a deep dive on programmatic digital marketing to “demystify” this industry buzzword—and learn how to harness smarter programmatic ad buying strategies for your own digital campaigns.

    Paige Winter DoubleClick Account Executive, Google

  • Mixer 4:30–6:00 p.m.

Our Lineup of Speakers

Spend a day with up-and-coming digital thought leaders of the Upper Midwest.

  • Paige Winter

    Paige Winter

    DoubleClick Account Executive, Google

    Paige, a South Dakota native, was born and raised in Yankton, SD. After graduating from the U of M in 2009, Paige worked as a marketing research consultant in Minneapolis, MN assisting brands like Target, General Mills, etc. by facilitating ideation marketing sessions and moderating qualitative brand market research. In 2010 Paige moved from Minneapolis to Boston to begin her career with Google as a digital marketing manager overseeing large SEM agency partners. Since early 2015, Paige has worked exclusively on Google's advertising technology platform business -- DoubleClick Digital Marketing. She's currently based in NYC where she is the DoubleClick team lead for US telecommunications marketers.

  • Jake Joraanstad

    Jake Joraanstad

    CEO and Co-Founder, Myriad Mobile

    Jake Joraanstad is the co-founder and CEO of Myriad Mobile, a full-service mobile and web application development company, focused on design, development, and strategy. Founded in 2011, the firm is focused on helping businesses and organizations solve problems through inventive technologies and platforms, including Android, iOS, Web, API integrations, virtual reality, beacons, IoT and wearables. Named one of Prairie Business Magazine’s 40 Under 40, Jake will take any opportunity to share his opinions about technologies that make life simpler.

  • Sarah Kurtenbach

    Sarah Kurtenbach

    Principal & Founder, The Kurtenbach Group

    Sarah is a social media and digital expert who has worked for a top Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer for over five years. She has worked with clients such as: Samsung, Revlon, Capital One, CVS, Domino's, J.Crew and many others. Currently, she is the Principal & Founder of The Kurtenbach Group, LLC, a social media and growth consulting company with clients in NYC, LA, San Francisco, Seattle and (of course), South Dakota.

  • Chris Prendergast

    Chris Prendergast

    VP of Operations, Click Rain

    Chris Prendergast serves as the VP of Operations at Click Rain where he oversees the marketing technology team. He has been Google Analytics certified since 2011, and is one of 109 Certified Web Analysts in the country. In his current position, he advises regional and national companies on their online marketing in the fields of higher education, hospitality, tourism, among others. His expertise lies in analytics, data visualization, paid search, and marketing automation.

  • Mike Vetter

    Mike Vetter

    President & CTO, DataSync Corporation

    Mike is a tech entrepreneur who is passionate about using software to help businesses grow. Mike currently serves as President & CTO at DataSync Corporation, an award winning software advisory firm based in Sioux Falls, SD. At DataSync Mike leads the effort to choose the best software to provide to customers, and shapes the marketing/sales strategy of the company. Mike brings over ten years of experience building tech firms, and has led multiple successful acquisitions including Vetter Solutions and Rive Immersive.

  • Eric Ellefson

    Eric Ellefson

    VP of Innovation, Click Rain

    Eric Ellefson is a partner at Click Rain and the vice president of innovation. Through nearly 2 decades of marketing work, he has led hundreds of successful projects, often starting with a single business problem and concluding with a specific strategy designed to solve that pain. As Click Rain’s VP of Innovation, Eric is also the champion of forward-thinking initiatives like digital video, virtual reality, and—the next big thing. He loves learning about innovation, forecasting trends, and staying ahead of the curve.

  • Rebekah Scott

    Rebekah Scott

    Owner and Designer, Rebekah Scott Designs

    Rebekah’s spark for textile style began at the age of four, with her mom’s scraps and her very own little sewing machine. During college, she developed her own purses for gifts, presents became purchases and a new business was born. A full decade later, Rebekah Scott Designs has grown into a federally trademarked and direct sales brand. When she’s not sewing, Rebekah organizes accountability groups for female entrepreneurs and shares inspirational videos and podcast to encourage women in their own desires.

  • Ashley Blake

    Ashley Blake

    Business & Cyber Law Attorney, Davenport, Evans, Hurwitz & Smith, LLP

    Ashley is an attorney at Davenport, Evans, Hurwitz & Smith, LLP in Sioux Falls, where she specializes in business, trust and estate, employment, and cyber law. She is a graduate of Harvard University and the University of South Dakota Law School, where she finished first in her graduating class and founded the USD Internet and Cyber Law Society. From privacy policies to cybersquatting, Ashley enjoys navigating the intersection of technology and the law and educating people on how to protect their businesses from cyber liability.

  • Ashley Sorenson

    Ashley Sorenson

    UX Strategist, Carsforsale.com

    Ashley is a UX researcher, strategist, and designer with a background in human factors psychology, user testing and competitive market research. Her passion is learning about people and designing meaningful experiences in the products they rely on by taking a user-centered approach. She's an ENFJ, loves technology and cheesecake, and currently works at Carsforsale.com as a UX Strategist.

  • Ashley Sorenson

    Kate Kotzea

    Director of Marketing Technology, Click Rain

    As director of marketing technology at Click Rain, Kate has years of experience in email, social, and web strategies in many verticals, including quick-service restaurants, travel and tourism, healthcare, and higher education. Always thinking of the next big thing, Kate loves to innovate in the world of digital. Her expertise lies in automation, campaign concepting, and persona marketing.

Sold Out!

Trendigital 2017 is officially SOLD OUT. If you have questions regarding tickets, please contact kristina[at]clickrain.com.

A live stream of speakers will be broadcast for free on Keloland.com starting at 8:30 a.m. CST.

  • Trendigital

    Sioux Falls Convention Center

    Sioux Falls Convention Center

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    January 20, 2017