• Friday, January 20
  • Convention Center at the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center


Technology and Marketing Summit

  • Friday, January 20
  • Convention Center at the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center

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Trendigital is an educational summit in Sioux Falls, SD. Business owners and marketing professionals come together to hear from some of the great marketing masterminds on everything digital.

We’re tapping the untapped knowledge that is right here in the Upper Midwest and bringing it straight to you. No long boring sessions here.

Past Speakers Include

  • Paul Ten Haken

    Paul Ten Haken

    President and Chief Online Marketing Strategist, Click Rain

    Paul serves as President and Chief Online Strategist at Click Rain, one of America’s fastest growing private companies. His thought leadership in the digital space earned him a spot in the Google Glass Explorers and recognition from Tumblr, the BBC, Entrepreneur Magazine, the Small Business Association, and much more.

  • Ryan Nathanson

    Ryan Nathanson

    Head of Operations & Product, Federated Media

    Ryan Nathanson is a digital media leader with startup, public acquisition, and large multi-national company experience delivering digital media campaigns for today’s Fortune 1000 brands and agencies. As the Head of Operations & Product at Federated Media, he specializes in leading cross-functional teams across digital disciplines such as Ad Operations, Product Management, Programmatic, Account Management, and Digital Revenue Operations. At Federated Media, Ryan has helped the operations and product teams deliver $1B+ in digital revenue over the past six years.

  • Ronell Smith

    Ronell Smith

    Content Strategist, Moz Associate

    Moz Associate Ronell Smith, a business strategist with more than decade of experience helping businesses online and offline, assists companies looking to create a user experience their customers will recognize, appreciate and reward them for with their business. His passion is for removing the obstacles keeping individuals and businesses from reaching their full potential, in large part by helping them think strategically about how search, social and content work together successfully.

  • Russ Heddleston

    Russ Heddleston

    CEO, DocSend

    A Sioux Falls native, Russ Heddleston received his undergraduate degree in computer science from Stanford University which was followed by an MBA from Harvard Business School. He held positions at Microsoft, Trulia, Dropbox before beginning his first startup, Pursuit, which was eventually acquired by Facebook. He then served as product manager for Facebook Pages, and oversaw projects such as Timeline for Pages redesign, post scheduling, Page Locations, the Admin Panel, and the Pages API. He now serves as CEO of DocSend, a document tracking and security service that helps salespeople, financial institutions, and marketers communicate more effectively.

  • Courtney Boone

    Courtney Boone

    Loyalty Marketing Manager, Pizza Ranch

    Born within months and a mile of the first Pizza Ranch restaurant opening, Courtney grew up loving a brand that she now has the privilege of promoting every day. After earning a B.A. in Marketing from the University of Northern Iowa, Courtney spent the past 12 years in marketing roles at Northwest Iowa companies. She now serves as the Loyalty Marketing Manager for Pizza Ranch, a chain of 190+ franchise restaurants across the Midwest. There she runs the loyalty rewards program and is in charge of interactive strategy including web, mobile, email and social channels. Courtney and her husband, Adam, live with their three young children in Orange City, IA. Her favorite pizza is buffalo chicken on thin crust.

  • Chris Prendergast

    Chris Prendergast

    VP Online Marketing, Click Rain

    Chris Prendergast serves as the VP of Online Marketing at Click Rain where he oversees the online marketing team. He has been Google Analytics certified since 2011, and is one of 109 Certified Web Analysts in the country. In his current position, he advises regional and national companies on their online marketing in the fields of higher education, hospitality, tourism, among others. His expertise lies in analytics, data visualization, paid search, and marketing automation.

  • Sarah Kurtenbach

    Sarah Kurtenbach

    Principal & Founder, The Kurtenbach Group

    Sarah is a social media and digital expert who has worked for a top Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer for over five years. Starting as the second employee, she helped grow the company to a multi-million dollar business and has worked with clients such as: Samsung, Revlon, Capital One, CVS, Domino's, J.Crew and many others. Currently, she is the Principal & Founder of The Kurtenbach Group, LLC, a social media and growth consulting company with clients in NYC, LA, San Francisco, Seattle and (of course), South Dakota.

  • Brandon Nutting

    Brandon Nutting

    Assistant Professor of Strategic Communication, The University of South Dakota

    Brandon Nutting lives at the intersection of biology, communication, and computer science. As a professor of strategic communication at The University of South Dakota, he is able to teach and stay on the cutting-edge of digital advertising, psychophysiology, and media psychology. His research interests lie in how humans respond physiologically to messages communicated through technology.

  • Josh Berry

    Josh Berry

    Co-Founder, Family Box and Econic.co

    Josh Berry is passionate about helping entrepreneurs build businesses by validating problems and markets before wasting time and money on building solutions. From Bahrain to Bogota, he has been asked to speak nationally and internationally on topics such as Lean Start-up, customer development, sales/marketing strategy, corporate innovation, and leadership development. In a previous role, he also consulted with companies such as The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, H&R Block, Stryker Corporation and many others. In his spare time, he also works on his own startup, Family Box, a subscription based service that delivers faith-based family activities to doorsteps each month.

  • Buzz Hillestad

    Buzz Hillestad

    Managing Partner, Helix Security

    Buzz received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from Dakota State University. He has over 16 years of experience in Information Technology Operations and over 11 years of experience in Information Security Operations. Buzz has been involved with Information Security practice in Healthcare, Banking, and Government since 2004 and has helped over 150 organizations across the nation become compliant and successful with information security processes and programs.

  • Laura Benson

    Laura Benson

    CEO, Filly Flair

    Laura Benson is a born and raised farm girl, turned entrepreneur. Laura started an online clothing company out of her basement at the age of 23 with a little over $100 and no experience in the fashion industry. Five years later, the company has over 20 employees, a 7,000 square foot warehouse, a storefront in Sioux Falls, and continued record growth. In 2016, she will be launching a sister company to Filly Flair. She attributes her success to God, and her upbringing on a farm.

  • Abby Bischoff

    Abby Bischoff

    Photographer, Owner, Flock Studio, Abandoned South Dakota

    Abby Bischoff is the owner and photographer of Flock Studio in Sioux Falls. She specializes in casual, modern portraits for weddings, high school seniors and families. When not photographing people, Abby is often on the backroads of South Dakota hunting for and photographing abandoned farm houses for her Abandoned: South Dakota project (or, engaging with the 32,000 Facebook fans that the project currently has). Abby is a farm kid originally from Huron, SD and a proud graduate of South Dakota State University. She likes indie music and heartfelt television comedies. Her not-so-secret vices are coffee, baby goat videos, bright lipstick and spending way too much time trying to tame the squirrels in her backyard.

  • Chad Knutson

    Chad Knutson

    President, SBS Institute

    Chad Knutson is a Senior Information Security Consultant and serves as President of the SBS Institute for Secure Banking Solutions (SBS) out of Madison, SD. SBS works with more than 900 banks around the country on information security services such as the development of Information Security Programs, Policies, and Risk Assessments, along with performing IT Audits, Penetration Tests, Vulnerability Assessment and other security services. SBS also works closely with its sister company Helix Security, which helps all critical infrastructure industries implement cutting edge security practices.

  • Josh Aberson

    Josh Aberson

    Real Estate Agent, Owner, Green Acre Real Estate Company

    Josh serves as President and Managing Partner of Green Acre Companies, a real estate firm dealing in development, construction, and residential/investment brokerage. Since 2008, starting as a residential agent, Josh has overseen the growth of each individual business sector, resulting in millions of dollars of gross commission sales, acquisition and construction of 20+ multifamily/investment properties, and the management of a 50+ unit portfolio.

  • Krista Orsack

    Krista Orsack

    Director of Online Marketing, Sioux Falls Convention & Visitors Bureau

    Krista has over 11 years of experience in sales and marketing within the tourism industry and currently serves as the Director of Marketing for the Sioux Falls Visitors and Convention Bureau where she oversees the website, the CVB’s meeting and event app, SD Tourism Cooperative Marketing Campaigns, direct and email automation and digital advertising strategy. Over the last five years, Krista has helped launch a number of successful sales and marketing initiatives for the CVB. A few highlights include: a completely new website, new meeting and event app, new SD Tourism Cooperative Marketing Campaigns, new direct email and email marketing automation plan, new digital advertising strategy and helped grow the lead database exponentially.

  • Matt Sage

    Matt Sage

    Director of Local Marketing Solutions, KELOLAND TV

    Matt serves as the Director of Local Marketing at KELOLAND, working with traditional and digital media strategists to craft comprehensive marketing plans for a variety of clients. Matt enjoys helping others understand how digital can benefit them and their business. His favorite part of marketing is in data and research.

  • Kate Kotzea

    Kate Kotzea

    Director of Online Marketing, Click Rain

    As director of online marketing strategy at Click Rain, Kate has years of experience in email, social, and web strategies in many verticals, including quick-service restaurants, travel and tourism, healthcare, and higher education. Always thinking of the next big thing, Kate loves to innovate in the world of digital. Her expertise lies in automation, campaign concepting, and persona marketing.