• Friday, January 20
  • Sioux Falls Convention Center


Marketing Technology Conference

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  • Friday, January 20
  • Sioux Falls Convention Center

Can’t wait for Trendigital Summit 2017?


Trendigital is an educational summit in Sioux Falls, SD. Business owners and marketing professionals come together to hear from some of the great marketing masterminds on everything digital.

Learn about the following at Trendigital 2017:

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Digital Marketing for Small Businesses
  • Using CRM's to Track Marketing
  • Digital Law for Businesses
  • How to Elevate Marketing at Your Organization
  • How Social Media Impacts Paid Search

Who should attend?

  • Business owners running their own website
  • Marketing professionals looking to attract customers online
  • CMOs and VPs trying to show ROI on marketing initiatives
  • Techies wanting to hear about something cool
  • Anyone wishing to nerd out about digital marketing for a day

Our Lineup of Speakers

Spend a day with up-and-coming digital thought leaders of the Upper Midwest.

  • Jake Joraanstad

    Jake Joraanstad

    CEO and Co-Founder, Myriad Mobile

    Jake Joraanstad is the co-founder and CEO of Myriad Mobile, a full-service mobile and web application development company, focused on design, development, and strategy. Founded in 2011, the firm is focused on helping businesses and organizations solve problems through inventive technologies and platforms, including Android, iOS, Web, API integrations, virtual reality, beacons, IoT and wearables. Named one of Prairie Business Magazine’s 40 Under 40, Jake will take any opportunity to share his opinions about technologies that make life simpler.

  • Sarah Kurtenbach

    Sarah Kurtenbach

    Principal & Founder, The Kurtenbach Group

    Sarah is a social media and digital expert who has worked for a top Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer for over five years. She has worked with clients such as: Samsung, Revlon, Capital One, CVS, Domino's, J.Crew and many others. Currently, she is the Principal & Founder of The Kurtenbach Group, LLC, a social media and growth consulting company with clients in NYC, LA, San Francisco, Seattle and (of course), South Dakota.

  • Chris Prendergast

    Chris Prendergast

    VP Online Marketing, Click Rain

    Chris Prendergast serves as the VP of online marketing at Click Rain where he oversees the online marketing team. He has been Google Analytics certified since 2011, and is one of 109 Certified Web Analysts in the country. In his current position, he advises regional and national companies on their online marketing in the fields of higher education, hospitality, tourism, among others. His expertise lies in analytics, data visualization, paid search, and marketing automation.

  • Mike Vetter

    Mike Vetter

    President & CTO, DataSync Corporation

    Mike is a tech entrepreneur who is passionate about using software to help businesses grow. Mike currently serves as President & CTO at DataSync Corporation, an award winning software advisory firm based in Sioux Falls, SD. At DataSync Mike leads the effort to choose the best software to provide to customers, and shapes the marketing/sales strategy of the company. Mike brings over ten years of experience building tech firms, and has led multiple successful acquisitions including Vetter Solutions and Rive Immersive.

  • Eric Ellefson

    Eric Ellefson

    VP of Innovation, Click Rain

    Eric Ellefson is a partner at Click Rain and the vice president of innovation. Through nearly 2 decades of marketing work, he has led hundreds of successful projects, often starting with a single business problem and concluding with a specific strategy designed to solve that pain. As Click Rain’s VP of Innovation, Eric is also the champion of forward-thinking initiatives like digital video, virtual reality, and—the next big thing. He loves learning about innovation, forecasting trends, and staying ahead of the curve.

  • Rebekah Scott

    Rebekah Scott

    Owner and Designer, Rebekah Scott Designs

    Rebekah’s spark for textile style began at the age of four, with her mom’s scraps and her very own little sewing machine. During college, she developed her own purses for gifts, presents became purchases and a new business was born. A full decade later, Rebekah Scott Designs has grown into a federally trademarked and direct sales brand. When she’s not sewing, Rebekah organizes accountability groups for female entrepreneurs and shares inspirational videos and podcast to encourage women in their own desires.


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  • Trendigital

    Sioux Falls Convention Center

    Sioux Falls Convention Center

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    January 20, 2017